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J & J Gym Floors provides a full line of gym floor services throughout New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  We’re also one of the largest sport flooring companies in the Northeast.

J & J Gym Floors, LLC can give you the look of a new gym floor for a fraction of the cost of one.

Sanding your basketball court floor to bare wood will brighten up your facility and breathe new life into your old, worn out floor.

In most cases, the sanding, painting, and finishing of your floor will take less than two weeks to complete.

Reasons to Sand and Refinish your gym floor

  • If your finish is brown and peeling
  • When the graphics and game lines on your floor are outdated
  • To create a fresh look for your gym floor
  • To remove cupping from water damage

Recoating your athletic hardwood floor on an annual basis is critical to the overall maintenance of the floor.

Not only will an annual screen and recoat remove topical marks and scuffs from your floors finish, but recoating your floor will also provide added protection for your hardwood flooring and paint.

Reasons to Screen and Recoat your Gym Floor

  • Restores and Revitalizes your gym floor (restores shine)
  • Removes topical marks and scuffs from the surface
  • Adds protective layers of polyurethane to protect your flooring and paint
  • Increases Traction by removing any oily film buildup

Quality, eye catching mascots and lettering separates a nice looking floor from a great looking floor that you can have pride in.

Current technology assists in the design, ease, and quality of painted logos and letters.

By emailing art or scanning and digitizing existing art, we are able to offer amazing artwork and graphics at affordable prices in a quick and easy process.

Why Choose Us For Your Gym Floor Logo?

  • Just email us your logo and we can take it from there
  • No design is too detailed. We can create whatever you can imagine.
  • We can help with the design of your custom athletic court
  • We’ll provide you with a color layout so you can see your gym before we start.

We specialize in repairing water damaged gym floors.

Whether you are in need of a large or a small repair J & J Gym Floors, LLC has you covered.

Please contact us today for a free estimate on Repairing your gym floor.

  • Fast Gym Floor Repair Services
  • Call us today! We can get you a fast quote!
  • We’re experts when it comes to repairing water damaged floors.
  • We can help if your gym floor has areas that are cupping or buckling.
  • We also repair wood floors in aerobics rooms, dance studios, and stage floors.

If you’re in need of a new basketball court gym floor J & J Gym Floors, LLC has you covered.

Please contact us today for a free estimate on Installing or Replacing your gym floor.

J & J Gym Floors is the Northeast’s leader in new gym floor installations

  • Hundreds of satisfied clients eager to give great references.
  • Over 10 years of experience installing every type of gym floor
  • We work fast and clean…you’ll barely notice we’re there…until we’re finished!
  • We also install racquetball courts, squash courts, stages, aerobic rooms, and dance studios.

We offer a full line of gym wall padding.

Whether you need a few pads or custom wall padding installed around your entire gym, we have you covered.

Please call today for a free estimate on custom gym wall padding for your gym.

Why is our Wall Padding better than the rest?

  • Built with high impact foam and covered with the highest quality materials.
  • A full 6 feet high for maximum safety and visibility.
  • Bright colors and amazing logos will make your gym look new
  • No hidden costs!

J & J Gym Floors, LLC will aid in the design of your custom athletic court from start to finish at no charge.

We will provide you with a color layout of your gym floor so you can see what your gym will look like before the start of the job.

  • The Most Complete Gym Floor Design Service
  • From start to finish, we’re there with you every step of the way.
  • We can provide a full color layout of your gym floor for your review and approval.
  • Every detail counts! That’s why we take the time to explain everything to you.
  • Call us today for a free estimate. We make gyms look amazing.